English Games

Game Screen Game Name Game description Rating Nu Re Y1 Y2 Y3 Y4 Y5 Y6
Robotic nouns & adverbs Spot the nouns & adverbs to save the village!!  
barnaby Bear, Keep safe by the Keep barnaby bear safe by the sea  
Types of listening Types of Listening with Mats links  
Care vocabulary Care Word Search  
Types of Textgame to practise Different Types of Text - Game  
Planning your writing Learn to Plan your Writing with this Game  
Paragraphs game you can practise building a paragraph by putting pictures and sentences in the right order  
Putting sentences together to Helps children make scentences  
Read all about it! A game to p  
Making sentences games Are these sentences true or false  
Verb subject agreement game Verb Subject Game - 3 Games to play  
Apostrophes games Beat the clock style game with Apostrophes  
confusing crossword games Crossword game  
Match the pairs game to practi Homophones Match the pairs to make a sentence  
SpellingLetter patterns games Letter pattens and sounds  
Gnomes Fishing Game. Practise  
Silent Invaders. Learn your si Game based on silent letters Hepl save the world  
Look, Say, Cover, Write and Ch  
Formal and informal game  
Listening to instructions game Listening to instructions Game  
Different types of text game looking at features of types of text  
Paragraphs game use the sentences to build up paragraphs.  
Verb tense game can you help Bryan cross the river?  
Capital letters games Play your caps right - which is the correct capital letter?  
Sentence construction game Guide Brian the Beaver across the river by jumping on the right logs to complete the sentence correctly. 2 levels, easy and hard  
Letter sounds games use the wheels to spell the words.  
Alphabetical order game put the words in alphabetical order  
Spelling spellings  
Word Blender- Big Brown Bear Phoneme Blender  
Phoneme Jigsaw Big Brown Bear Complete te jigsaw using the correct phonemes  
Prefixes Pairs Big Brown Bear Pairs memory Game focussing on prefixes  
Nouns, Verbs and Adjectives- B Help brown bear group the Nouns, Verbs and Adjectives  
Pin the Tail Big Brown Bear pin the tail on a donkey  
Prefixes Pairs Big Brown Bear Pairs memory Game focussing on prefixes  
Suffix Big Brown Bear  
Suffixes Pairs Big Brown Bear Pairs memory Game focussing on suffixes