ICT Games

Game Screen Game Name Game description Rating Nu Re Y1 Y2 Y3 Y4 Y5 Y6
Save the Wizard Save the wizard, Save the world! An Email game for the bravest only! This game requies an email account and is best played using Primary Email  
Click your own Universe Great game to hone Mouse Skills  
Click the planets into the rig Hone your Skills  
Fish Shooting game to learn to control the mouse  
Catching Apples early years mouse control game  
See Saw catapult learn mouse control and distance perception  
Catch The Snow basic mouse control for early years  
Pop The Balloon basic mouse control for early years  
Leap Frog basic mouse control for early years, click up and down  
Type to Swim and Win practice typing and recognition  
Bloons Pop 3 Bejewelled with balloons  
Orb 2 move the orb into the space, compelte the puzzles to complete the game  
Fantastic Contraption excellent for simulations!  
Keyboard Practise typing skills for key stage 1  
snowman_v4 Build a snow man  
writingRepeater_v5 Almost like handwriting practise using a mouse  
hiding_hippo_v2 Each table has two sets of rhyming strings. Read them together by moving the mouse and then hiding an item  
handyHome build a home and a garden by dragging and droppng items.  
Duck, Think Outside the Flock  
Typing Monster Practise speed across the keyboard to save the city from this monster.  
Typing Ghosts  
Type Revolution  
Cup Stacking  
Krazy Keys  
Surf swell island  
Chameleon Game  
Balloon Game  
Bed Jump  
Circus Circus  
Girls FC Penalty Shoot-out Game  
Encuentre Bebe  

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