Maths Games

Game Screen Game Name Game description Rating Nu Re Y1 Y2 Y3 Y4 Y5 Y6
Bingo Number recognition Shoot your Bingo numbers to win  
Home Run For The Win Get the Maths Question right to get your men round for points!  
Apples & Eggs addition & multiplication game  
JetSki Addition add numbers to make the boat go! adding more makes them go faster!  
Tug Boat Addition addition makes the boats go round!  
Multiplication Grand Prix Multiplication game, drive cars!!  
Gimmi 10 number bonds to 10  
Times Tractors times tables game  
Maths Invadersq number facts to 10 and 12  
Subtract The Slime take away and subtract small numbers  
Subtract Racing take away and subtraction game  
Minus Numbers In Outer Space negative numbers  
Multiplying Negative Numbers tie negative numbers to reach a positive outcome :)  
Fill the Squares  
Make Number Pairs match the numbers and pictures  
Find All the Shapes  
Spooky Sequences count on in 5's  
Spooky Two's count on in 2's  
How Many Under the Shell Counting up to 5  
Counting bricks addition to 6  
Addition with Number Lines use a number line  
Capacity capacity  
Weight game Get practising with reading scales. And, how much do you think a packet of crisps weighs?  
Length game Taking Measures  
Handling data game  
Length, weight and capacity ga Practise converting between mm, cm and metres to build a new shed.  
Reading times and dates spot the matching pairs  
Comparing fractions, decimals  
Comparing decimals and percent  
Comparing fractions and decima  
Comparing fractions and percen  
Ratio and proportion activity  
Written multiplication game using written method multiplication in a table, work out the answers. there are three levels to this game suitable for key stage 2  
Times tables grid games  
Mental multiplication game