Maths Games

Game Screen Game Name Game description Rating Nu Re Y1 Y2 Y3 Y4 Y5 Y6
8 x multiplication table math Practise your 8 x tables  
Telling the time Part 1 Learning to tell o'clock times with just the hour hand  
Telling the time Part 2 Introducing half past and the minute hand  
Multiplication Game Great multiplication game for those more confident with tables. Encourages multiple mental work. Use your multiplication facts to beat the computer. Use your mouse to move the markers. You and the computer take turns moving one marker at a time. Get 4 in a row before the computer and you win.  
Dress Up Addition Dress Up the boy or girl with tops, bottoms, and shoes (they're wearing underwear!). But wait... Spend exactly the Goal amount to advance to the next level. in US dollars  
Math Timed Tests Useful Timed Test for Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division or Mixed Scroll over the ones you got wrong the end. Can you beat your score type challenges.  
Princess Math Choose your operation ( + - x / ). Pick a Tiara and a Gown. Make sure the numbers for each fit the equation on the upper right. Each level adds new tiaras and gowns. Pass all ten levels and enter your score. You win 3 minutes to dress up the princess any way you like! One more appealing to the girls!  
Number Eaters  
Coffee Shop Game  
Multiplication Football / Socc  
Active Fractions & Decimals  
Table Football, Fractions  
Table Football, Fractions 1  
Table Football, Percentages  
Table Football, Fractions 3  
Football Penalty shootout Maths  
Shark Dinner  
Alien Competition Compare the aliens to see which is the tallest, widest or has the most eyes or legs. Then give them the first, second or third place in the competition.  
Number Balloons Burst all the balloons as fast as you can by chasing them with a pin. Make sure you count the number of spots carefully and match with the number on the pin.  
Adding Two Dice You have a minute to add up the totals on the dice. You can choose to add up doubles if you like.  
Post the Letters Deliver the letters to the correct houses by either matching the numbers 1 to 10 or working out the correct order yourself.  
Two Less Than A number game where you need to find two less than a number. There is a number line to help with you with counting back. It can help you learn your numbers to 20.  
Division Derby  
Maximum Capacity Get as many gorrillas up the lift as possible. They each weigh different amounts and there's a maximum load in the lift. Neat game with time limit.  
Counting Coins A variety of US dollar and cent counting games some with different levels. Good for extension activities rather than core learning as some games require recognition of US coins  
Around the World  
Golden Path  
Mr.Nussbaum Math Slalom  
Matthew Metric  
Matthew Metric  
World Cup Math  
Estimation Valley Golf  
Half-court Rounding Rounding