Maths Games

Game Screen Game Name Game description Rating Nu Re Y1 Y2 Y3 Y4 Y5 Y6
Problem solving with multiplic  
Writing big game page using greater than and less than symbols identify the numbers  
Negative SONIC  
Written addition and subtracti practise adding by splitting  
Mental addition and subtractio  
Problem solving with addition  
Written division game  
Mental division game  
Problem solving with division  
Maths 101  
Maths mix  
Knight Switch Move the knights around the square to swap their positions following the knights rule in chess  
PHIT Make the shapes fit  
Gem Swap matching 3 gems that are the same  
Building Blocks Create random shapes from irregular polygons  
Rubik Cube A Rubiks cube puzzle - it does what it says on the tin.  
Math Man  
Math Lines 8  
Math Lines 7  
Math Lines 11  
Seesaw Logic Logic game, look at the balances and decide which is the heaviest object.  
TranStar using lines of symmetry and translation move the space craft around the quadrants  
Ice Ice Maybe adding sums to save the pengugins  
Save our dumb planet Destroy the astroid by using equations. Pretty tough game!  
Pyramid Picnic Use your geometry skills to escape the pyramid  
Flower power Decimal, fractions and percentage understanding with this super fun game :)  
magnetic Creating number sentences on a magnetic board  
Count Us In s - 8 complete the number sentece focussing on 8's to bowl the ball  
Count Us In s - 15 which container has the most liquid in it  
Count Us In s - 2 making patterns  
Count Us In s - 13 Out two halves together to make a whole picture  
Count Us In s - 7 Put the correct amount of children on the bus  
Count Us In s - 5 Complete the peacocks tail with the correct number shown.