Maths Games

Game Screen Game Name Game description Rating Nu Re Y1 Y2 Y3 Y4 Y5 Y6
pyramid Addition Pyramid  
guessthenumber working with number ranges  
show Your Numbers up  
subtractiontest The Subtraction Machine  
showeasy An easy maths game for 4 players - no specific questions  
tabletrees Times Table game  
buttons Each button is worth a number, work out how much each button is worth, and place the correct answers in the box.  
numberlines Create your own number lines  
Times Tables Tester Times Table test  
numberbond Promotes number bonds with levels of difficulty  
functionmachines Number Machine  
Addition Activity DOuble digit addition quiz with carrying.  
and Counting Activity a quiz to help you remember roman numbers from 1-1000  
Division Activity match dividends and divisors with the correct quotients  
Addition Activity A one and two digit addition quiz. you will need to add 2,5 and 10 to a starting number. this quiz will help you practice addition and number series. there are three random questins with three steps in each question.  
Addition Activity four digit addition quiz with carrying  
and Counting Activity quiz t help you remember numbers 1-30  
and Counting Activity larger and smller numbers 1-10  
Division Activity mathch dividends and divisors with the correct quotients  
Multiplication Activity two digit multiplication quiz  
Multiplication Activity You need to match multiplied numbers with the correct products. After the cards appear, click two cards that show the product and the numbers.  
Multiplication Activity single digit multiplication quiz  
Division Activity match the dividends and divisors with the correct quotients  
Subtraction Activity subtracting 1 and 2 digit numbers from 1-9 number cards  
Addition Activity adding one and two digit numbers from 1-9 cards  
Date and Time Activity a quiz to help identify the correct time on a clock  
Date and Time Activity a quiz to help you remembe the days of the week  
Shapes and Colors Activity goal: to match 3d shapes  
Date and Time Activity This quiz will help you practise converting hurs to days. dont forget that there are 24 hours in each day  
and Counting Activity counting between 1 and 30  
and Counting Activity match the mayan numbers 1-10  
Subtraction Activity subtraction of one and two digit numbers.  
Date and Time Activity Figure out the sky at different imes on the clock. click the correct picture  
Addition Activity simple addition problems, which sum is larger or smaller?  
Division Activity single digit division quiz.